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2 websites for sale

Club Penguin Codes

High traffic of new visitors every month showcases the potential of this website for it's buyers.

Traffic : 2200+ Unique Visitors/month

Website type : Starter


What Is Club Penguin Codes About?

  • Club Penguin Codes is a website built to provide codes coupon codes.

  • Having a wide new VIsitor Count base this website has the potential to grow. 


Why Buy This Website :- 

  • High traffic of new users.

  • You can use Adsense to generate revenue.

  • Use different Sources of monetization.

  • High potential to grow.

Focus keywords ranking on First page are - 

  • club penguin codes 2019

  • club penguin codes 2018

  •  club penguin codes & more.


Website Features :-

  • SEO can be done easily.

  • Fully automated and optimized on every device.

  • Very easy user interface.

  • Custom Built Unique website

  • Growing website.


What’s Included In This Sale?

  • Customer Support after Sale for 1 month.

  • Database Files and Records.

  • Domain

  • Hosting Accounts


Scope For The Buyer :-

  • Link it with adsense and start earning

  • Little SEO can engage more visitors to website..

  • Easy to rank for Focus Keywords. 

  • Add more keywords to drive more users.

  • KWfinder results show a search volume of 12100 with SEO Difficulty of only 15.


You can further check proofs for all your queries in the attachments.


Why Am I Selling This Website?

Currently I am focusing mainly on my established websites and I get no time to focus on starter websites. This website has a great potential if a person has time to invest in this.

Domain Expiring On : 21-09-2019

US $55
Bangalore Dating Site

Popular niche of dating ca bring more traffci to thie website and increase the revenue for user.

Traffic : Around 100 Pageviews/Month

Website Type : Starter


What is Bangalore Dating Site About?

  • It is a dating site for the people of bangalore basically.

  • You can use this website to match someone online.

  • Rare Niche of dating makes it a source of potential income.


Why Buy This Website :-

  1. Website needs no updation from the user.

  2. Dating niche makes it a source of potential revenue.

  3. Focus keywords are very easy to rank.

  4. You can make money by applying other monetization methods also.

Focus Keywords for this website :-

  • Bangalore Dating site . 

  • Online Dating in Bangalore.

  • Women Seeking Men in Bangalore.


Website Features :-

  • 100% Responsive on all kinds of devices.

  • SEO friendly website.

  • Easy to understand User Interface.

  • Easy to customize.


Scope For The Buyer :-

  • With the help of little SEO, you can gain more traffic.

  • Adding a few changes can increase the user retention.

  • Try generating some more keywords.

  • The CPC and AD Revenue are insane.

  • Focus Keywords are very easy to rank.

  • According to KWFinder, focus keywords women seeking men in bangalore has a search volume of 14,800 with difficulty level 11 out of 100.


You can further check proofs for all your queries in the attachments.


Why Am I Selling This?

Working on many other big websites, I am not able to give my focus on this website. This is a starter website and I own many established websites and I am focusing majorly on them.

Domain Expiring On : 12th January 2020

US $49