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Profit: $41/mo

Calculating and Measuring your daily calorie intake and make wiser desicions with 

Traffic : 8,211 Pageviews/Month

Adsense revenue : $200.27

(last 6 months)

Adsense revenue : $41.20

(last month)

Website Type : Earning/ Established

Potential : Easy to reach


What Is About?

  • Calculate your calorie intake and make yourself more healthy with watchers point calculators.

  • Made out on a very common nice of health.

  • An earning website which has a lot of potential for its buyer.


Why buy This Website?

  • Focus keywords are ranking on page 1 in the rankings.

  • Earning website which is making a passive income.

  • This website shows high potential to earn more money.

  • Low investment-High returns-Almost no effort


Ranking on Page 1 for Multiple Keywords like -

  • weight watchers points calculator

  • weight watchers point calculator

  • smartpoints calculator

  • weight watchers smartpoints calculator


Website Features :-

  • 100% Automated and responsive on every device.

  • Easy user Interface.

  • Easy Customization.

  • Very common niche.

  • SEO friendly website.

  • Social Media friendly website.


What’s Included In This Sale?

  • All Sale history included.

  • Customer support after 1 month sale.

  • Database and files.

  • Domain name 


Scope For The Buyer :-

  • Ranking for its focus keywords but it can be further improved.

  • Can make more money if buyer uses its full potential.

  • A very busy website with lots of new users everyday.

  • Few little changes can increase more traffic.

  • Try other methods also to make more money.

  • According To KWfinder, It has a score of 27 out of 100, which is easy and with a search volume of 27,091 for one of its focus keywords.

You can further check proofs for all your queries in the attachments.


Why Am I Selling This?

This is an established website earning passive income but because of time limitations, I am not able to focus on this website properly. This website has a very good potential to earn more money for its buyer.

Domain Expiring On : 13-09-2019

US $1000
Skype Chat Rooms
Profit: $3/mo

Established website earning a good amount through google adsense as a passive income.

Traffic : 500+ Pageviews/Month

Ad Revenue Last month : $3.01

Ad Revenue in the Last 6 Months : $31.59

Website Type : Starter


What is Skype Chat Rooms About?

  • An Online Chatroom built for skype users to meet each other. 

  • Rare niche makes it a website with high potential.


Why Buy This Website :-

  1. High potential to earn money.

  2. Almost No effort required.

  3. Easy to rank for its focus keywords.

  4. Traffic can be generated through Google & other Search Engines.

  5. Ranking on Page 1 for it’s focus keywords.

Focus Keywords are -

  • Free skype chat rooms, 

  • Skype chat rooms online, 

  • Skype Chat rooms. 


Website Features :-

  • 100% Responsive & built with many features.

  • SEO friendly website.

  • Very rare niche.

  • Easy to customize.


Scope For The Buyer :-

  • With the help of little SEO, you can gain more traffic.

  • Adding a few changes can increase the user retention.

  • Focus Keywords are very easy to rank.

  • According TO KWFinder, focus keywords skype chat room has a search volume of 1600 with difficulty level 16 out of 100.


You can further check proofs for all your queries in the attachments.


Why Am I Selling This?

Working on many other big websites, I am not able to give my focus on this website. This is a starter website and I own many established websites and I am focusing majorly on them.

Domain Expiring On : 11th January 2020

US $149
The Indian Builder

Blogs Website on pupolar niche of Health which can earn revenue from Adsense. Affiliate and PBNs.

Traffic : 750+ Pageviews/Month

Website Type : Starter

Difficulty to reach Potential : EASY


What Is The Indian Builder About?

  • This website is basically a health and fitness blog made for the Indian bodybuilder. 

  • A website with fresh and unique content.

  • Blog website which has a very good potential to earn.


Why Buy This Website :- 

  • Earning a passive income.

  • Keywords are very easy to rank.

  • Very Popular Niche of Health.

  • Can use to sell PBN links.

  • Affiliate marketing can be done.

Ranking on Page 1 for several keywords :- 

  1. Indian Body Building Diet 

  2. Indian Bodybuilding Diet plans

  3. Indian Diet plan for Six pack Abs and more.


Website Features :-

  • 100% Automated and responsive on all kinds of devices.

  • DA : 13 - PA : 26 which is quite a good score.

  • This is a growing Business.

  • Easy User Interface.

  • SEO Friendly

  • Social Media Friendly


What’s Included In This Sale?

  • Customer Support after Sale for 1 month.

  • Database Files and Records.

  • Domain

  • Hosting Accounts


Scope For The Buyer :-

  • Earn by selling PBNs.

  • Earn through Adsense.

  • Earn By doing Affiliate marketing of products.

  • Drive more traffic by applying some new tricks.

  • Can easily be promoted via Social Media.

  • Easy to rank for Focus Keywords. 

  • KWfinder results show a search volume of 2392 with SEO Difficulty of only 26.


You can further check proofs for all your queries in the attachments.


Why Am I Selling This Website?

I own many other established website which are going really well and because of that I am not able to give my focus and time on this website. 

Domain Expires on : 23-01-2020

US $110