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1 websites for sale

Lowest Currency
Profit: $3/mo

Automated Earning Website with high search volume Keywords and low SEO difficulty.

Traffic : 2151 Pageviews/Month

Ad Revenue Last month : $2.63

Ad Revenue in the Last 6 Months : $14.07

Potential Revenue : $21/month

Difficulty to reach Potential : EASY


 What Is Lowest Currency All About?

  1. This website provides information on all the currency of the world. 

  2. You can even try the currency calculation here.

  3. Really busy platform for potential income.


Why Buy This Website :- 

  1. Earning from Adsense without any effort.

  2. Focus Keywords are ranking on First Page.

  3. High traffic of new users.

  4. Currency Niche is very popular among people.

  5. Use different Sources of monetization.

Focus keywords ranking on First page are - 

  • Lowest currency in the world

  • Cheapest currency in the world

  • World's lowest currency and more.


Website Features :-

  1. SEO friendly website.

  2. Fully automated and optimized on every device.

  3. Informative and quite easy to understand interface.

  4. Business is still growing.


What’s Included In This Sale?

  • Customer Support after Sale for 1 month.

  • Database Files and Records.

  • Domain

  • Hosting Accounts


Scope For The Buyer :-

  • Earn through Adsense.

  • SEO will boost the traffic.

  • Easy to rank for Focus Keywords. 

  • Add other monetization methods to gain more.

  • KWfinder results show a search volume of 12100 with SEO Difficulty of only 15.


You can further check proofs for all your queries in the attachments.


Why Am I Selling This Website?

This being a starter website is working well and earning decent amount but I have some other established websites which are earning good amount every month. So I am not able to increase its potential. It is a great deal for anyone who is going to buy this.

Domain Expires on :  03-11-2019

US $250